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Monday, January 30, 2012

Semiperfect Number

Well, I'm 18 months old today.  Time sure does fly!

I came home from school on Thursday with a fever.  Mom took me to the doctor Friday morning just to make sure everything was A-OK and doc said it's just a cold and possibly because more of my teeth are coming in.  I haven't been eating well and still haven't hit that 20lb mark.  But really the big events happened over the weekend.  First off, dad got lasik Friday afternoon.  The procedure went well enough so that we headed over to Dido's Friday night for dinner.  He and Donna make us enchiladas and all the fixin's! 

Before and After
Saturday morning dad headed back to the doctor for his post-op checkup and he hit a wrinkle.  Literally his cornea wasn't as smooth as it should have been, so they had to do a touch up procedure which left him a little worse for wear.  While he recovered, Mom and I prepped for the Nass' baby shower.  This entailed going to the balloon store and taking a nap...pretty sweet!  I had a really hard fun time sharing my toys with my friends Avery, Mason, Amelia, and Evan (Zach is still too young to fight me for my toys). 
Probably the best part of the party was Avery's dancing!  She sure did enjoy that Elmo tool bench (hint hint M&K). 
On Sunday, I hit up the Sesame Street Live show and got to see Elmo.  We got there early to get our pic with Oscar and see some of the other characters up close.  For the actual show, I only lasted about 30 minutes before I was ready to head home.   Why is Elmo the newest guy on the block, but also the coolest?
Since today was my bday (as I mentioned earlier) we spent the 60 degree January day at the park and then mom treated me to some fun at the toy store.  Something I learned is that Dinosaurs don't fit through the Trevi Air Vent.  I did come home with two new toys...score!
After dinner we did some dancing, shared lots of hugs, then had story time before bed.  Hugs and Kisses!


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