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Monday, February 6, 2012

Momma's Little Helper

The weather was pretty great on Tuesday so mom and I did a couple laps around the park.  It wasn't all work and no play since we made pit stops at the playground and to feed the duckies.

One for duck, two for me...
On Thursday I was in the mood for Mexican, so we went out for dinner to eat TACOS!  I love tacos and got a whole one to myself.  I was even nice enough to pick up the tab.
Here I am sporting my new sunglasses.  Since it's night-night time they seem to work better on my head.  I think I mentioned that last week I had a fever and wasn't eating well, but apparently it's because my top canine's are in just like my friend Amelia.  Mom read her update and then went straight to peer in my mouth and there they were.  Since they've busted through i'm feeling much better.

Here's proof that I'm eating better.
On Saturday, February 4th, we hit up Gymboree. 

Later that same morning we hit up some trails with the doggies to give them a chance for some exercise since I had my share already. 

On Saturday night, mom and dad had plans to go see a play.  Pat, Nicole, and Mr. Schnetzer joined us for dinner before they left.  In preparation I made cookies!   These were not to be outdone by the Mochi Ice Cream balls that Schnetzer had brought.  I had not previously heard of this delicacy, but I had more than my fair share of it.

I even climbed on the table to get at more of it.
On Sunday I went out to visit BobBob before the "Big Game".  We had more tacos which I scarfed down again.   Hands down my favorite food lately.

 After lunch Paige dropped by for a visit.  And yes, she might be taller than me already.  What's it to you?

In the evening, he came over to our house to enjoy some pizza and FOOTBALL!  And by football I mean watching me play, eat cheeseballs, and cook juice.


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