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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(of a day or a month) Inserted in the calendar to harmonize it with the solar year, e.g., February 29 in leap years.

It's almost Leap Year Day.  Hooray...another day to play, although I'm not sure why it can't be an extra day that always falls on a weekend. 

Here are some of the fun things I did last week.  On Wednesday, we made my first trip to the store with my shopping cart I got for Christmas.  Good thing the shopping list was short, because the cart really doesn't hold much.  Mom and dad even said no to the Folgers I wanted to add.  Hmmm on second thought maybe that's cause it was Folgers.
Dad flew out of town on Thursday morning and was gone for the night.  To celebrate girl's night, mom and I hit up the ice cream shop BEFORE dinner!   Afterwards, we perused the library for some new books.
Skipping ahead to Saturday, February 25th, I headed to gymboree to get in a dose of excercise.  The afternoon was a stop at the Bates' to watch a certain basketball game that dad doesn't want to talk about.  If you click on the pic of me in my Tiger shirt, you can probably zoom in on the TV behind to see what I'm talking about. 
That night we had a homeowners party to go to.   It was a pretty good shindig and there was plenty to eat.

Sunday I had another gym date.  I'm contemplating taking up the parallel bars, however the foam pit is a LOT more fun!  Just ask dad.   After lunch I got in some quality time with Pierce!

Dido and Donna came over on Sunday night and brought dinner.  To get into the Irish spirit early I colored myself green.  Luckily it washed off pretty easily.

Mimi picked me up from school super early today so we could head to Gymboree Music.  I don't have any pics from that, but trust me it was a great time.  We played instruments, danced to music, and twirled around some flashlights in the dark.  Before my nap she took me to the park since it ended up being such a nice day.  As you can see, I'm letting mom do my hair in the Pebbles fashion.


I took some video earlier this month but forgot to post it.  Here's what I've learned in school...shapes, and I've memorized what a few words look like.


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