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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth

The weather last Thursday was gorgeous in case you already forgot.  It was so nice we took a trip to the park to feed the duckies (and the darn geese too).

Saturday, March 3rd, was GymborMimi day.  So mom could enjoy the WHOLE day to herself (and enjoy it she did) I went to Gymboree with dad then headed up to see Mimi and Max.  Here's me at the gym:

We had lunch, nap, and dinner up there and I came home with a new hat as well!  I think Max had a pretty good time sharing his ice cream with me.

On Sunday I headed out to BobBob and Ta's.  BobBob gave me a back massage which made me pretty tired so I kinda just lounged in his lap while eating applesauce in a pouch.  Man I love those things! 
After my nap a big surprise was waiting for me.  I'm not talking about Mom and Dad's friend Brad, I'm referring to the new PUPPY that cousin Pierce got.  His name is Ceasar and he's super cute and has the best puppy breath in the world.  I am so excited to play with him...almost as excited as Porter and Sam were.
You can see that dad showered all his attention on the puppy while Brad remained loyal to Porter.

I went home sick from school on Monday, March 5th with a fever.  I hung out with mom and dad and slept a ton.  I woke up a bunch of times Monday night so finally dad said forget it and brought me to bed.  I slept rather well...mom however, was a different story.  This might be due to the fact that at one point I curled up on her chest and at another point in the night I kicked her repeatedly and yelled "MOVE DOGGY".  Yes, I do have dreams.

On Tuesday I was still under the weather so Mimi came to keep me company all day.  I picked up a bit of a rash and we headed to the doctor to confirm I had a case of the Hand, Foot, and Mouth thing going around (not to be confused with  Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes).  By Wednesday the fever was gone but I stayed home with mom one more day.  Overall I've been in a pretty decent mood, but since this bug gives me some canker sores I haven't wanted to eat much.  You can see some of the rash on my cheek.

I love the horse at the park:

Here's some more of what I've learned at school:


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