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Monday, March 12, 2012

What's the Rule About White Shoes?

Saturday, March 10th was our neighborhood's St. Patrick's Day parade. The route is only a block over from our house so we hosted a little soiree. We met the newest addition to the Nass family, Lukas Martin.

In my opinion, it was pretty successful except for the part where I napped through the entire parade. I did catch this classy act near the end of the parade.  Apparently BobBob could have been a part of the parade if he'd have driven his John Deere over. 
The weather was so nice that day, we hit up the park before dinner to kill some more time. 

On Sunday I headed to BobBob and Ta's.  I was going to wear dad's white shoes that went so well with my outfit, but oddly enough had a hard time walking in them.

We did most of the usual stuff.  A lot of snacks and a trip to Wally world.
Before leaving the store, I spied some life sized stuffed animals.  Mom put me on the shelf to see if anyone thought I'd be worth the $20 price tag, but no takers.  It was probably just as well though because when we got back, we made cookies.  I was so excited I told mom that I wasn't interested in napping...but I only made it until 5pm before I crashed for a 30 minute snooze.
Here's a few other pics we snapped over the past week: 


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