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Monday, March 19, 2012

Daddy's Lady Luck

The weather has been great all week.  Wednesday, March 13th was exceptionally nice, but mostly because I got to see Uncle Dave.  We hit up the park for a little jog, fed the ducks, did some quality playground time and then had a picnic!

As you can see, concrete beats fork every time.

We even grabbed some ice cream for dessert before heading home.

What...ice cream two days in a row?  That's how I roll. Mimi came down on Thursday and I talked her into a trip to BR. 


Friday, we had a party at school.  As luck would have it, I remembered to wear some green.

When I got home from school, THIS was waiting for me!  Hello new warm weather toy.

Saturday morning we headed to the zoo.  The only animal pic mom snapped was me on this tiger.   

Saturday, was the official St. Patrick's day.  To celebrate we had friends over for Mexican food.  Totally makes sense right?  I made a new friend (Laik) and did pretty good sharing my toys, high chair, and bath tub with him.
Sunday morning we did breakfast at this super duper place that sells cookies too.  How did I not walk out with a single one?  This is obviously a message that good looks won't get me far in life and I'll need to get a job to afford said cookies.
Or...I can just turn on the charm and grandma passes me a 10 spot. 

It happened to be a gym morning and we did an easter egg hunt.  This was my first one and I was pretty successful.  I picked up the concept right away, especially after cracking one open and downing 5 gummy bears. 
That afternoon I got to nap with Pierce and Porter!

My last pic for the post is completely random.  I spotted this montrosity on the highway and thought the same thing as this guy...apparently it belongs to the rapper Tyga.  Way to ruin a good car.


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