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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Think Pink

On Tuesday, February 14th we had a party at school.  I wore pink, had pink cupcakes, and drank from my pink cup (trying to stay with the theme).  It was my lucky valentines day as I even got a kiss from Matthew...okay, different day, but who cares right.!
On Wednesday we hit up dinner with Dido and Donna.  The restaurant had a fun bench seat and a table just my height that I could run around.
Sushi did not agree with me, because here's what happened when I got home...three times.  I have now added the word vomit and yucky to my repertoire.  I was fine by morning so something apparently just didn't sit well.
On Friday, February 17th, Mimi came down to spend the afternoon with me since dad headed out of town to go visit GGma Betty and GGpa Gene for the weekend.  She even stuck around for dinner and bathtime!!!
On Saturday we headed to Gymboree.  As you can see I'm now allowing mom to put bows in my hair, but I'm not sure if I'm happy about it.
Afterwards we headed out to BobBob and Ta's for a slumber party.
I now have 2 faces I can do on command.  Pouty lip face and cheese face.

Other activities over the weekend included a trip to Nordstrom and one to Walmart where I picked out a new toy to put on my wish list.  Hello...the handlebars have streamers ...why would I not want it?
I did walk out with this sweet new Mr. Potato Head with whom I shared my lunch.  After that I shared a snooze with BobBob and Porter before some fun with cousins Pierce and Paige. 

School sent home the drawing I did below.  Mom was not impressed and as you can see, she gave me an F.  Next time I'll try and do better.

Finally, here are a few highlight pics from Uncle Dave and dad's side trip to Cambodia and Vietnam while mom and I stuck it out in Thailand.  There's more online if you care to peruse all 523 images.


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