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Monday, February 13, 2012

I ♥ Hearts

Lots of fun stuff this week!  Ta got home on Wednesday although I didn't make it over to see her until the weekend.  First, Mimi came over on Friday so I got to stay home with her and hang out all day.  We had a GREAT time playing and I showed her how I can now name my shapes like Triangle, Square, Heart, etc.
On Saturday, February 12th, I made it over to say welcome home Ta.  It's been about 3 weeks since I left Thailand, but I feel like I just saw her yesterday.  I even dropped by BobBob's shop and helped him do his accounting.  Seriously though, who still uses an adding machine?

Saturday night mom and dad took me to enjoy my first Prime Rib dinner.  Hmm...give me a sloppy joe any day instead and I'd be happy.  We did enjoy some free ice cream dessert however.  After dinner, dad had a book club.  I don't really understand why he and his friends needed to dress up for book club, but they did.  The most fabulous suit of all might have been dad's friend Mookey.  Somehow the name and the suit go hand in hand.

Sunday I had a pretty good breakfast with mom.  We had Stickers in addition to Sour Dough French Toast.  After my nap we headed back out to BobBob and Ta's for dinner.  We were supposed to celebrate Aunt Brandi's bday, but she was at home taking care of a sick Pierce.

Monday was the first significant snow that I've seen since I can remember. 
Here's some live footage of me and the snow:

Tomorrow is February 14th which is St. Valentine's Day and since it's already that day over in Thailand, I'll go with the title.  Hearts is a new shape I'm learning in school this month.  So will you be my Valentine?   

P.S. -----
I know I've been back from Thailand for awhile, but here's a few pics that "Auntie" Pa Ad took of me while I was over there. 


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