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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bicycle Built for Two

This week I had a couple of fun dinners.  First a picnic outside and then on Wednesday, April 4th, we met up with Amelia and her parents for dinner. 

When I got home from school on Thursday, mom and dad had a surprise for me.  My own bicycle seat.  We've only taken it out for a spin once, but plan to get a lot more use out of it this summer.  I was a little intrepid at first, but felt a little more comfortable with it by the time we got back from the end of the street.

Here's some live bike riding action:

Friday was a good "Good Friday".  I had the day off school so mom and I headed to the zoo.  We rode EVERYTHING...the carousel, the train, the tram, and the sky gondola.  The only thing we didn't ride was the boat, but that gives us something to look forward to next time.

After the zoo and naptime we headed to Ta's.  When I got there she had this little beauty set up for me.  Mom's old Barbie dreamhouse!  Sadly I didn't fit inside.

On Saturday, mom needed to do yard work, so dad and I went to my school's easter egg hunt.  I saw a bunch of classmates and came home with more C-A-N-D-Y.  Yes, I already know what that spells out.  There was also this cookie decorating station.  The best part...eating the cookie of course.

In the afternoon we headed to Avery's house for Baby Weber's shower.  He/She will be here next month!  Avery's dad had the power tools out when we arrived and was putting the finishing touches on a sweet, sweet swingset.  I think he easily got his investment back that day considering that I went down that slide at least 100 times. 

Here's some footage of us swinging and sliding:

I feel like I've seen this grill before...

It got a little chilly so we eventually headed inside.  Mom told me to go have fun and make a mess (since it wasn't our house).  I think I hit it out of the park.



On Easter Sunday we headed up to L-Town to head to church with Mimi.  Guess what was waiting for me...ANOTHER Easter basket, and this one was filled with Play-Doh eggs!  

After Mimi's we dropped by Dido's for another meal and you guessed it...another Easter Egg hunt!  I'm getting to be a real pro at this.  Funny thing is I do all this work and then the candy disappears.  What are mom and dad trying to pull around here?

Since the weather has been nice and mom and dad need to work off that weight from all the candy, they've been jogging down to pick me up from school.


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