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Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite

This week's highlights included a homeowners meeting where I learned to play pool, a new kite to fly, and getting to hang out with BobBob and Ta on Friday night so mom and dad could head to a play.
I also got me some new shades!  And yes, I know how to chew with my mouth closed...when I want to.

On Saturday my friend Amelia told me about this fun children's museum.  She wasn't kidding...I had a great time!  It really wore me out because I napped for a solid 3 hours after.
The best part of the week though was Avery's lady bug birthday party.  It was mostly just her and her family, but mom begged us an invite.
Avery turned 3 and she has the coolest stuff...a little house and her own picnic bench! 

 On Sunday we headed to Deanna Rose before going out to BobBob and Ta's again.

Sunday, March 31st was spent mostly outside since it was a almost 90 degrees!  Unheard of for March.  The weather has left a big smile on my face and bare legs on my bottom.


I even enjoyed a popsicle...or two.

Before I went home, BobBob and I went in search for bugs:

Also, for a reference, here's a shot of me from a little over a year ago.


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