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Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower Child

Time seems to really be flying by.  Dido and Uncle Dave dropped by for dinner on Tuesday, April 10th.  I've got the whole fork thing down, but using the spoon, especially to eat rice, can be a little challenging.  It's hard for me so I can't even imagine how the Asians do it with chopsticks?!?

Dad headed out of town on Saturday so mom and I killed some time at Wonderscope before heading out to Gma/Gpa's house. 
Here I am doing some grocery shopping:

Ta had a lot more yard work for me to help with.   

On Tuesday the 17th I mastered the swing.  I still need a push to get me going, but I can balance all by myself.
That night was just me and dad since mom had Cousin Pierce's school play to go to.  He was a chicken in "The Carnival of the Animals".
When mom picked me up on Wednesday, my finger had a booboo.  I was fighting over a toy with a kid from the playground and my fingernail tore off.  I was a trooper and only cried for a few seconds so the teacher threw on a bandaid (I wasn't bleeding) and called it good.  I'll spare you a pic of my finger without the nail.  It even makes dad squimish.

After school we headed to the park.  We visited a glorious fountain and rose garden in addition to the usual duck pond and playground.
Note - I'm getting very good at shoulder rides and can almost do it without mom holding on to me.

On Thursday night mom and dad celebrated their wedding anniversary (a day late) so Libby put me to bed.


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