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Monday, May 7, 2012


Dad picked me up on Monday, April 30th so mom could hit up a happy hour with her lady friends.  While there she spied these duckies doing a little clothes shopping.  Holy cow that's a lot of kids to take care of!  They left without buying anything...must've been an expensive store.

Here I am following up on my missed calls since I can't take my phone into school.

Mom dropped me at school on Friday, Mary 4th.  I'd regularly been in my room now for a week and was still crying every morning as she or dad walked out the door.  Since mom was running late for work and really didn't want to hear me cry she resorted to a new low...BRIBES!  I was promised some chocolate candies after school if I was a good girl and promised not to cry.  Count me in!  I didn't she a single tear and when she came to pick me up, right on queue, I asked for my prize and she delivered with 3 M&Ms.

Dad had a class all day Saturday and mom ran a 5K first thing in the morning so I got to spend some time with Dido.  He was awesome at pushing me around in my car. 

The rest of the morning was spent at the children's museum.  I did the usual...golf balls down the hole and track, insert foam sticks into blocks, etc, etc....


And then I stumbled upon the FACE PAINT!   I'm just trying to get used to how kids will be wearing makeup when I hit my teens.

Here I am playing veterinarian.  Why is that such a hard word to spell?  We finished off the afternoon with ice cream and a trip to the library.

Cinco de Mayo evening was spent at the Tennissen residence.  We had some great food, some new candy I hadn't tried before (twizzlers), and a pinata!  Note that I'm not in the hammock picture, but there were a lot of other fun kids at the party who enjoyed it.

Here's me actually taking a few slugs at the pinata:

I went to church on Sunday morning and made it through the whole service.  I went to the front during the reading for kids and then after everyone cleared out, went up to get a closer look at the alter.  It's pretty amazing.
Afterwards, we headed out to BobBob and Ta's where guess what was waiting for me....A NEW SWINGSET!  I was told I'm supposed to share with Pierce and Paige, but as far as I'm concerned it's mine, all mine.

After I tired of that Ta broke out the kid pool for me.  Unfortunately, I had to share with the doggies.
Fortunately, they let me strip down to my birthday suit! 
Uncle Dave even dropped by for dinner with the Duncan's.  The other fun part was the near touchdown of a Tornado by BobBob/Ta's.  The sirens even went off, but it didn't phase me a bit.  We rode out the storm at their house before finally packing up for home after 8pm.  I stayed up the whole car ride which was awesomely way past my bedtime! 


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