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Friday, May 18, 2012

Potty Time

Mom was too lazy to cook, so on Friday, March 11th we went out for some pizza.  I win!  The whole "insert straw into small hole" game can be rather tricky, but I mastered it after a few tries. 

On Saturday morning I headed up to Mimi's for a slumber party.  Mom and dad had a wedding to attend so I crashed at her place that night.  A nod to Bob and Toi for taking the dogs at the last minute...it's easy to forget about them when you have a crazy kid like me running around.

One of dad's college buddies was getting hitched.  Not sure if you remember my friend Jackson from daycare (he's since moved to a new school) but his mom and dad went too.  I'm guessing by the looks that he's expecting a bro or sis. 

As you can also see, dad had a rather good time!

Sunday was mother's day.  Somehow dad persuaded Mimi to consider me staying overnight her gift.  Hmm...how does that work?

After heading home and taking a pretty good nap, we stopped by to tell Ta happy Mother's Day too. 

Mom actually took a stab at holding Paige and me at the same time.  She was sweating by the time the picture finished taking.

Lately my new favorite thing to do before I hop in the bath is run around the house naked.  For some reason it makes mom and dad laugh hysterically, but I'm not sure why. 

Mom thought it would be best to blur the picture since this is getting posted for my future boyfriends to read.  Of course it's not as easy to blur a youtube video...

The biggest news of the week is that I started sitting on the potty at school.  And actually using it!  I did it two days in a row!  No such luck at home yet, but it's a start.

Some other fun things this week included Dido dropping by for dinner, Dad got me a new Doctor kit, and school had a picnic on Friday, May 18th, complete with worms, turtles, and my usual playground all to myself!!!


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