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Monday, September 17, 2012

Georgie Porgie, Puddin' & Pie

Dido dropped by for dinner on Friday, September 14th.  The best part besides him joining us was the yummy plum I got to eat afterwards.  Outside.

On Saturday, mom's friend Michelle dropped by for a visit. 

We spent a lot of time outside the rest of the day.  First we made a quick visit to the park and afterwards was the neighborhood block party.  Maybe you can't tell, but my photo snapping skills are getting much better.

Hopes were high that I'd spy a firetruck, but they must have had another committment. The mobile zoo did make a showing as well as the bounce house. I even got my first try at cotton candy. I don't know what all the hype is about...I'd take a popsicle over cotton candy any day.

Sunday we headed to church before visiting BobBob and Ta.  I helped Ta Garden, we saw Mr. Bunny who lives under the deck, and I even shared my love of popsicle's with Paige:

Last week flew by. Mom got to visit Miss Mae (without me) and as you can tell from the pics she is super cute.

I've started sitting in a big girl seat at dinner.

On Saturday, September 15th I stopped by to check out Amelia's new place.  She had a b-day party a few weeks back, but I had to miss it.  Her baby sis' new rug is super soft. 

I really wanted to stay longer but we were heading to see BobBob Ta again.  And the doggies were waiting for us in the car.  The highlight of the afternoon had to be dropping by BobBob's grade school reunion.  The invite list was anyone who went to school there ever, mostly because there were only 6 kids in his grade.  I think the turnout was about 70 people, so a pretty good showing.  Now I know where I get my good looks from.  BobBob...er should I say Bobby, looked to be quite the charmer back in the day!

The Tigers played ball on Satruday so that night we headed to dad's friends house.  I got to see Emmerson who is a couple months older and seemingly a couple feet taller.  Am I that short?

You might think this was taken before I went to bed, but I was so tired this morning that after dad got me up, I wanted some relaxing story time.

I forgot to add this last week, but here I am taking my first crack at baseball:


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