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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Casino Royale

** Congratulations to Amelia Steffan on becoming a big sister to little sis Heidi**

Last week I went to gymboree.  Love the place!

On Wednesday, September 19th we went for ice cream after dinner.  Yes, that's me in my jammies...no better way to eat ice cream.   
On Thursday, dad and I went solo to the baseball game.  Why aren't they called the Royales?  Seems much more classy.  I took a turn at some golf and Tiger better watch out.  After all, I am 1/4 thai and he's 1/2 so that makes me 1/4 a better "driver".

Friday was "show and tell" at school and it was bring an animal day.  I think the teacher was thinking more like stuffed animals, but mom brought the real thing.  When she came to pick me up, she brought Porter!!!  The kids pretty much mauled her.  Poor PDog...she's such a trooper!

Dad had a work thing Friday night, so we went back to the see the Royals again, this time with BobBob, Ta, and Pierce.


Saturday, 9/22 dad was feeling down in the dumps, so mom and I headed to Lowe's to build a firetruck.  I'm proud to announce that I was the first one done!
After dumping choco milk all over myself in the car, we went home, changed, then went to a "fall festival".  They had all kinds of things there I didn't want to do (bounce house, train ride, slide), but I did want candy and slushes.  Go figure.

Mimi dropped by that evening to hang and put me to bed.  She should really drop by to do that more often (hint hint) J
On Sunday I visited Deanna Rose with mom and dad.  I love love loved the baby goats! 

Various other activities for the week included a birthday party for Luke from my class and ice cream with Matthew from my class.  Mom and dad reiterated no dating until I'm at least 4.

On Wednesday night 9/27 I went to eat at the boats with BobBob, Ta, and Dido!  The crab legs were excellent and I ate my share of them (helps that I eat for free). 

Other things I'm up to...brushing my teeth every night, working on potty training (still), and growing like a weed.



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