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Monday, October 8, 2012

Porkchops and Bacon, My Two Favorite Animals

Last weekend I headed to Wonderscope.  Hadn't been there in a awhile and not much has changed.  I love the golf ball room and as you can see I worked on my parenting skills (my babe was obviously adopted).

Mom cranked out a new hat for me.  Took her a few weeks, but she was happy with the outcome.  She was trying to copycat a Tea Collection hat to save dad $22.  Although I'm pretty sure she already spent it on other things (like new shoes).  I've already worn it to school while enjoying a bit of bacon breakfast on the way.

The weather was pretty nice early in the week.  On Monday, October 1st, mom and dad took me for a jog over the fountain not far from our house.  It was dyed pink for Breast Cancer Awerness Month.

Mimi picked me up from school on Thursday.  We went to Target before stopping for ice cream.  Seems like I get way more ice cream when Gma takes me...mom and dad are holding back!

The weather turned blistery cold for the weekend, so of course on Saturday, Oct 6th we headed to the pumpkin patch.  Seems like a smart move to go play outside on the coldest day we've had this Autumn.  I added a couple before and after pics since I went the same time last year.  The more recent pic is on the right.  After wards we headed to Mimi's to warm up and enjoy some lunch.


Saturday was also Ta's birthday, but I didn't grace her with my "presents" until Sunday.  I gave her a nice rendition of Happy Birthday. 


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