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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Saturday, October 20th, mom and dad ran the marathon relay with Brett and Shelly Ungles.  They had a pretty solid run and I even got to watch mom tag off to dad.  Thanks Mimi for keeping me entertained for the morning!

On Sunday we headed to the farmstead in lieu of a normal gym weekend with mom's friends Amber and Michele and their crew of kids (not pictured). 

That afternoon I went on my first ever train ride with cousin Pierce.  We saw the conductor, a train robbery, some cows and horses, and even had a picnic on the train.  Good times.

As I may have mentioned, I've taken up soccer at school once a week.  Well I finally have some pics to show from it.   Other things I did during the week include dinner with Dido and Donna and another dinner with my friend Matthew from school

On Saturday, 10/27, auntie Cole took me the aquarium.  Of course I saw tons of fish and an underwater pumpkin carving.   

Saturday evening we headed to Avery D's house for a Halloween party.  It was a great time even though I refused to wear my costume.  Check out how creative her dad was with these pumpkins!


Actual Halloween was today and we headed over to Pierce and Paige's house to hunt for candy... I finally got talked into wearing my ladybug costume in return for a few M&Ms.   Worked like a charm!  I hit up two houses, said trick or treat at both, and called it a night.  Fine with mom and dad.

 Eye on the prize!


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