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Friday, October 19, 2012

Artful Eye

Dad and Uncle Dave are starting up this new business ad-venture together.  On Wednesday, they wanted to go take some headshots around town, so I tagged along.  Probably the best part was getting hold of the camera to take my own pics.  What do you think?

Afterwards we headed to dinner.  Again with the camera.  I had more pics, but don't want to bore you as you most likely won't appreciate my artistic take.

Thursday night we headed to dinner with the Davenport's.  Mae was there, though not pictured, as she slept through the entire dinner!  Her loss and more fries for me.  We got balloons at the end of dinner and their was even this cool TV in the floor that we felt compelled to put our butts on.  I can't explain.  I'm sure you can get Avery's take on her blog here in a month or two (yes that was a jab).
On Friday, October 12th, school had a bookfair and a potluck dinner party.  We headed over in full family fashion.  The best part of the party wasn't the overpriced books for sale or the average looking food, it was CLIFFORD the Big Red Dog (as if I really needed to throw in the last part).  The moment I laid eyes on him my heart melted.  I have a thing for big dogs seeing as we have two of our own.  Mom is actually in that last pic, see if you can find her. 
Mom caught a bit of a cold so dad watched me most of Saturday.  Although somehow she was feeling well enough to go to a Ladie's Night movie that evening?  We kicked the morning off by making a batch of cinnamon rolls (from scratch!) before dad and I headed to toy museum.  It was pretty cool....oh except for the part where I couldn't touch ANYTHING.  Seems a little unintuitive to me.  Toys you can't touch.  Ridiculous.


 After eating all those cinnamon rolls, I had to get my workout in on mom's mini elliptical.

On Sunday, we headed to church and crossed paths with Avery D (so fast there wasn't time for a photo op).  Afterwards we made our usual trek to BobBobTa's (that's how it sounds coming out of my mouth) house for some play time and free dinner. 

The rest of the week went by pretty quick.  Mimi came to watch me on Tuesday 10/16 so mom and dad could go to a dinner where he schmoozed up people about his new business with Dave.  Here they are dressed up like people who do real work.


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