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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mustache Me

I've been goofing around quite a bit lately.  Specifically I love piggy back rides, walking around on dad's feet, and playing hide and seek in paper bags.


On Sunday, January 6th I headed out to BobBob's to get some quality time in before he flew over to meet up with Ta.  We went to play on some inflatables then had some Taco Bell lunch.  I love tacos!!!  Then we went up to visit GGma Dard. 

BobBob left for Thailand on Tuesday, 1/8 and we won't get to see him for 3 more weeks.  He did make it safely over and hopefully gave Ta a huge hug for me.  Just to keep you updated on some other important news, I'm officially potty trained (except for naps and bedtime) and have been accident free for about a month now.  I've also graduated to a big girl cup.  Oh, and I hit puberty and my mustache has filled in.
On Friday, I had dinner with my school best friend Matthew.   We had dinner, but it wasn't a real date because we asked for separate checks.  And of course we had ice cream afterwards.  We rounded out the rest of the weekend with lots of jammy time and popcorn.



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