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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Resolve To...

The new year is upon us.  I have made the following resolutions:

1. Be a better daughter to mom and dad which entails giving more hugs.  ü
2. Eat healthier.  That includes Chipotle, of course.  ü
3.  Go to the gym.  ü
4. Hang out with the family.  ü 
Well, seeing as how I was able to check off all my resolutions prior to 1/1/13, I think a celebration is in order!  Luckily Amelia and Heidi were throwing one on New Year's Eve.  Just my luck.  We had pizza (yum), hats (fun), and the usual awesome group of friends to go crazy with.

Nothing important here, just some fabulous new shoes that mom got for me.  Figured I should show them off. 

Saturday12/29 I hit up Gymboree for some jumpin' good times!

We did get snow on New Year's Eve.  BobBob came over in the afternoon and we went to the park to play.  I absolutely adore the snow.  Maybe almost as much as Sammy and Porter do.  Or maybe almost as much as snuggling up under a warm blanket. 


Wishing you the best of everything the New Year brings!


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