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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Maddie Hatter

BobBob gets back tomorrow and will soon be over to claim Barley back.  In the meantime, he's made him self cozy with both Porter and Sam and blends in with the furniture just as well.

For no reason at all, dad rocked a "stache" to dinner on Wed, Jan 23rd.  Distinguished or just plain creepy?  You make the call.

Other happenings last week.  Gave flossing a try.  Dido came over to cook dinner. I got a new sleeping bag!  Sounds like it's slumber party time at the grandparents soon.  Hint Hint!


We headed to L Town on Sunday, 1/27 for Mimi's birthday.  On the way we hit up target for a cake.  Check out these awesome gift cards they have.  The foam finger (actual foam) was pretty cool, but couldn't top the plastic build-your-own-airplane giftcard free with a $5 load. 


Sunday night I played with ALL of my bath toys.   Luckily mom had to clean them up, not me.

Tuesday was wear a hat to school day.  I took my chinese hat.  Stereotypical I know, but I felt I needed to give tribute to 1/2 of grandma Ta's heritage.  Notice the other kids wore boring American versions more representative of their personalities.

As I mentioned, BobBob gets home tomorrow!  I can't wait to see him.  Here's a few pics from his 3 week trip (notice how none of them are of him visiting me in the hospital).

Here's some updated pics on the remodel.  Slow but steady progress.  



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