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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Green with Envy

Three peas in a pod, soon to be four.  We're getting more ready and excited to welcome baby brother to the family.

Friday, March 8th daddy offered to coordinate dinner.  After school and gymboree we got home to....DIY pizzas!!  It was very hands on and super fun.

Saturday, I headed up to Mimi's for a slumber party.  I feel like I've been passed around a lot more lately although I don't mind.  With mom getting to be as big as a house I guess that's understandable.  Mom and dad picked me up and we all stuck around for a free meal.

Here I am getting ready for Easter.  I know it's a few weeks off yet, but I can't wait to hunt for eggs!

This past Thursday we had a start to some great weather so we took advantage of it and spent the evening outside. 
Friday, March 15th was more of the same.  Up to 80 degrees!!!

This morning we got up and went to the zoo in hopes of seeing Dora and Diego.  The line was pretty long to snap a pic with them so we hit up the polar bear, carousel, and fed the deer instead. 
Afterwards, we geared up for the St. Patty's Day parade.   We had a pretty good turnout even though the weather was down to a chilly 50 degrees. 


 The snow has come and gone, but in case you already forgot what it looked like, here's a reminder...


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