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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

White Out

The blizzard of 2013 hit with quite the force.   Seems like ages ago now, but somehow the snow is still here.  As I last posted, on Thursday, Febuary 21st, we got hit with round 1.  Snow Days (or No School Fun Days as I like to call them) were enjoyed on Thursday AND Friday.  After 2 full days at home with mom she had to get me out of the house.  We headed to the plaza to the toy store to kill a couple hours before dinner.  Success was had.  As you can see, the snow was piled much higher than me.

On Sunday, we ventured a trip to BobBobs.  The roads were great by then.  We enjoyed some Nordstrom lunch and then built a snowman.

Family Photo.  Hope my baby brother is this cool...get it?  Har har. 
On Tuesday, 2/26, Round 2 hit with some more force.  Another Fun Day at Home Day was had by me.  Power went out, but we managed to stay entertained.

 Dad dutifully shovelled the walk.  Here's how high the trucks piled it up.
On Thursday we met up with BobBob/Ta for some crab leg buffet.  The highlight was hitting up Ta for some money to throw in the fountain.  I wished for more snow days, but no such luck as school was in session on Friday.
Friday night, dad's buddies came over with their kids.  Six more kiddos running around somehow creates greater than 6 times the mess. 
At some point it got so late and I got so crazy that I talked a friend into doing Naked Baby time with me.  She obliged. After about 20 laps I finally decided I was ready for bed.
Saturday night, 3/2, I joined BobBob/Ta for a slumber party.   We roasted marshmallows, arranged barstools, had tea, ate icecream, had our hair done, etc.  The list goes on and on...but the usually slumber party fun was had by all, even Pierce who slept over too. 



The only other thing I've done lately is entertain a few dinner guests...Uncle Dave and Dido! 


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