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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Friday

Today is March 29th...it's also Good Friday so I don't have school today.  Aptly named holiday if I do say so myself.  The thing I don't really get is that if this represents the day Jesus was crucified, wouldn't it make more sense to call it Crappy Friday?  Just something to ponder. 

So let's back things up a bit. Sunday, March 17th I went over to BobBob/Ta's to hang for the day.  My cousins came over for dinner and Pierce showed me some fun videos to watch. 

Dad headed to the lake house with a bunch of guy friends on Thursday, March 21st to watch basketball for a couple days straight. So mom scheduled a dinner date with Matthew and his mom.  We had quite a good time.  A lot of laughing and a little eating.

Friday night she lugged me off to a slumber party at BobBob/Ta's of course.  We got to eat roasted marshmallows and then play in this 5 foot tall tent.  Ta didn't know how big it was until we got it out of the box...

They also got me a new bubble machine and Ta thought it was wash and style my hair night.  Let me tell you...in the morning it still kind of looks like a rats nest.

Here I am with the Easter Bunny.  Free pics from Wal Mart...how can you not love that place?

On Saturday, 3/23, we got another dumping of snow.  Hopefully the last one of the year cause we're sick of this stuff.  Sunday we got up and went to BobBob/Ta's to watch some basketball and keep warm inside.

This past Wednesday, we went to dinner and Dido and Donna cooked for us.  It was yummy!  The next night we went to Sushi dinner for Donna's birthday.
On Good Friday we headed over to Lukas' house to borrow some of his old clothes for baby brother.  He has some super fabulous toys and shared with me.

We then headed back out to Ta's.  There was a scare for awhile when Sammy went missing for an hour, but he eventually came back. The dogs also found the one patch of snow left to play in.  It was warm enough for a picnic even


Here I am showing off my mad somersault skills. A perfect 10!


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