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Monday, April 29, 2013

Forget Me Not

A last post to tide you over until Baby Bro arrives...tomorrow.

Dad had to work late on Tuesday, 4/23 so mom took me out to BT's for the evening.  She's getting a little too fat to bend over and give me a bath, but I don't blame her...

We even had a little prayer session for a happy, healthy, non-crying baby brother.  Emphasis on the last part.

Dad's been trying to get me into sports.  Here I am taking a crack at "balloon" ball.  Don't ask why I have no pants on.  I won't have an explanation.

On Saturday, 4/27 we headed out to BT's again.  Here's how Porter looked after mom told her that her seat was about to get taken up by baby bro and she was going to get sequestered to the back of the Jeep. We also stopped by to see Great Gma Dard.  She's doing quite well.

Sunday was the Trolley run.  The Schatz's joined dad and I for the "run".  Basically we skipped the first mile and headed straight to the coffee shop then walked the last 3 miles.  At the end of the race there was a kids fun run and a visit from a princess! 

Mom and dad got a little sentimental that last night would be there last with just the 3 of us (since I'm heading to BT's for a slumber party tonight).  We all brushed out teeth together, then read a story and had cuddle time. 

Here's the finished product for baby bro's room.

I forgot...here are some pics from Mimi's camera from Easter that I didn't get posted before. 
Max put out the flag and led me in a round of "I Pledge Allegiance".


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