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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Bunny Loves Me

I've really been rocking the headband lately especially since I stumbled across the one at Avery's birthday party.

Friday, April 12th we headed to D'Bronx for dinner where I proceeded to eat an entire "by the slice" piece that I was supposed to share with mom.  Hey, you snooze, you lose.
Dad had school on Saturday so we hit up the mall for a quick carousel ride on the way to BBT's house.
When the weather's nice, dad tries to get out on his street bike.  It used to belong to BobBob and mom remembers riding on the back when she was kiddo.  Hopefully I'll get a shot at it soon. 
0 to 60 in 3 minutes!

Sunday, 4/14 we did our long awaited Easter Egg Hunt at the gym.  Only a few weeks late :-)  All the hunting wore me out and I had to lay down for a quick snooze before we even headed to lunch.

In the afternoon we flew a kite.  Here's BobBob trying to get it out of the tree.  Mom's fault.

Mom and dad are continuing to get things ready for Baby Bro.  Pack n play is all set up on the main level.  I climbed in for a test drive.   After all, it was mine first.  Of course I much prefer sleeping in my big girl bed.

Saturday morning 4/20 we headed to the park to feed the geese.  I'm doing pretty good climbing up the playground by myself.

That evening I headed up to Mimi's for a slumber party so mom and dad could go celebrate their anniversary with a nice dinner.

Max shared his ice cream with me that night (of course) but as you can see by my expression I was questioning the chintzy serving size.  Luckily there were free refills offered.  3 times!  Afterwards we had arts and crafts hour. 
Sunday morning I had Emmerson's birthday party before heading out to BTs again.

It was finally nice enough to do some outside time.  BobBob found a bunny the day before and kept it for me to play with when I came out!!!  Pierce and I let it go so it could be with it's mommy. 

Yesterday mom and dad heard the kitchen sink turn on.  When they peaked around the corner, they saw that I had thrown the rug in front of the sink out of the way, pushed the chair in from the dining room, and proceeded to help wash the dishes.  Just getting ready for when baby bro comes...


Mom and dad found some old pictures of themselves...who do I look like more?  Dad feels like this is a loaded question since mom posed me... 


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