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Monday, June 24, 2013

You Crack Me Up

We have been on the Go Go Go lately!  First off, Graham is doing well.  Last night he ate at 10pm, went to bed at 11pm, and slept until 5am!

Great Gma Dard celebrated her 93rd birthday on June 16th.  we took her out for some yummy grub.
Afterwards we did the usual, four wheeling and popsicles of course!! 

On June 15th we headed to a Curious George exhibit.  Who knew that the Man with the Yellow Hat's name is actually Ted!
That night we headed to go visit one of Dad's friends from high school and her 3 boys.  We had lots of fun playing and even got Graham involved.   

Sunday, June 16th was Father's day.  We celebrated with a cookout at our house and Cousins Audrey and Ingrid were even in town!
I thought it was pretty comical that everyone was trying to capture all 4 of us on the hammock... 
The cousins came over again on Thursday to do some swimming in the neighborhood pool. 

Afterwards, I changed into my boy jammies (Graham can wear them when he gets older) and showed off my plumber's crack.  I got a few good laughs.

 Google Fiber is going in the neighborhood soon and sponsored some face (errr leg) painting.


Sunday, 6/23 was a gym morning.  Graham got a lot of attention!  Miss Amber even let us go for a swim in the gym pool.
After my nap we headed up to L Town to see the cousins one last time.  I had to pee on the way up so we made our first pit stop on the shoulder of the highway.  Mom promised it would be the first of many with upcoming trips to the lake. 

 Here's mom giving Graham his first bottle.
Graham is 8 weeks old tomorrow and he's already rolled over from his back to his tummy a couple of times.  Now it took me until about 6 months to roll over, but to qualify, that was from my tummy to my back which was much harder! 


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