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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Letter C: Cookie Monster, Crabs, and Cough

First off, apologies for the lengthy post.  I've accumulated a wealth of photos and stock footage of my new mobilities over the past week.  If it's too much to read, just do what mom does with her US Weekly and gloss over the pics.

The weekend was a little rough on me.  I picked up a cough that keeps me up at night.  Mom took me to the doc Friday just to be sure I didn't have an ear infection, but I got the all clear.  Regardless, I still felt kind of crummy.  The highlights were seeing daycare teacher Lindsay on Friday night while mom and dad had date night and visiting with Jayson and Jen from church and getting to do a little outside BBQ with them on Saturday evening.

Dad left town on Sunday evening and doesn't get back until Friday morning.  I assume he'll drop by to see me at lunch on Fri (hint hint).  In the afternoon I headed over to see BobBob and Ta.  Aunt Brandi and the fam was over there and she looked like she could pop.  Apparently there's a baby in her belly.  What the what?  I also picnic'ed outside with grandpa.  I had a good time until about 5:30pm and then I just petered out.  Mom packed me up early and I was asleep in the car before we even left the driveway. 

To help remind mom how valuable dad is to have around the house, I woke her up at 2am on Monday morning with my cough and made her rock me back to sleep for half an hour :-) Since I only slept for 30 minutes at daycare, I napped for an hour and a half when I got home from school on Monday, and when I woke up, "Auntie" Nicole was there to greet me.  She educated me on the fun qualities of talking cookie monster.

On Tuesday, June 14th we went out to visit BobBob and gave him an early Father's Day gift since we won't see him on Sunday.  I helped him unwrap it.  Grandma took me to the Asian food market where I got to play with crabs (shout out to Mike D).

Wednesday Mimi came to seem me in the afternoon. 
Here's me and my "big girl" walk.  I'm down to one handed support!

Here's some footage of me pulling up and sitting down. I've been doing this for awhile, but mom and dad forgot to tape.

Here's me and my bud Matthew from school.  Love his shorts!

Here are a few pics from when I had my J Todd Photo shoot a month + 2 weeks ago.





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