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Friday, June 3, 2011

Water Off a Duck's Back

Busy weekend/week for me again.  We headed to the lake on Friday night (May 27) right at bed time.  I adjusted to sleeping in the pack and play pretty well and spent most of my time roaming around the kitchen and tv room.  We took a few walks with the doggies and spent some time on the dock although the water was too cool to swim.  Maybe in a few weeks!!

I do however want to mention what mom found digging through the lake house closet.  Uhhh Pampers from 1977/1978!!!! Seriously Grandma Ta, you need to throw some stuff away occasionally. But then I guess we wouldn't have these fun pictures.  For one thing, I didn't know they made Pampers in 1977 and secondly, they looked like a paper towel.  Thank goodness for technological improvements.

Seriously.  How does this even begin to resemble a diaper made today?

We got back from the lake late Sunday evening and got the chance to meet Uncle Dave's new girlfriend before I headed off to bed.  She sat outside and watched bubbles with us!  A+ Uncle Dave.

Monday, May 30th was Memorial Day, so no school for me.  We headed up to Mimi's to have a little cookout dinner.  Cousin's Audrey and Ingrid surprised me with a cute little "I Love Daddy" shirt and some seersucker pants that I will be growing into soon.  How did they know I love dad?  Thanks cousins!!!

Tuesday afternoon, school called mom because I woke up from a long nap with gook eyes (I mean they already look Asian, but this time were filled with green stuff) and informed her that I apparently had come down with a case of pink eye.  Dad picked me up and called the Doc and I got some special drops that made me instantly not contagious so I could head back to school the next day.

Wednesday I started swim lessons!!!  Mom eased me into the pool I had an okay time.  She dipped me down to where the water was over my mouth, tried to put me on my back (not a fan), and then held me under my tummy while I kicked my legs and splashed.  I'm not quite a fish in water, but hopefully after 7 more lessons that'll change.  I had class with my friend Amelia and also Wil Evert.


Afterwards, I was so tired, I fell asleep in the car seat before mom left the parking lot.


Here I am taking my first dip into scariness.

Here's a couple more lake pics:

And I've started doing this funny thing with my tongue.  It really makes mom and dad laugh.


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