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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life's a Picnic

On Wednesday night, June 15th, I had swim lessons and guess who showed up...BobBob and Ta!  Grandpa even got in the pool to swim with me. 

I was so tired that I didn't wake when mom brought me in the house and set me in my high chair.  She actually had to give me a bath first to wake me up so I'd eat dinner :-)

Dad got home Friday night just in time to pick me up from daycare!  A whole week without dad time was brutal.  To celebrate, on Saturday we had a picnic in the front yard before heading to the lake for the weekend.

We arrived at the lake late Saturday night and spent Father's Day Sunday swimming in a kid pool and playing with awesome Omagles.  This set was from when Mom was just a youngin'.  Who knew BobBob and Ta were so hip to foster "Free Play" which is supposed to be really good for me and boosts my creativity?  It kept dad busy for a good couple hours as well!  Note - please don't judge my beer belly (see below), afterall...I am at the lake.

You can see who has the upper hand in the family.

Saturday morning we didn't swim officially in the lake, but we did swim in lake water...in the kiddie pool on the dock!  I did borrow this cute suit from Avery Davenport.  Thanks friend!  You can also see that dad made me a makeshift cabana.  So chic!

And by Saturday afternoon we were ready to "put in" at the neighbors boat launch.

I can walk behind my push toy on my own now.

Backtracking to Thursday, Mom and I totally made the nightly news! Article and video (2nd video). Okay so they darn people didn't put my face on, but I'm sitting in the stroller.


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