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Thursday, June 9, 2011


On Saturday, June 5th I spent the night at Mimi's so mom and dad could enjoy a night out.  And boy did they ever!  While I was busy playing with toys and making Mimi chase me around the house (I'm really turning into a fast crawler), mom and dad hit up Chuckie Cheese for my cousin Pierce's birthday, then went to dinner with Uncle Dave, Pat, and Nicole and hit up a movie as well.  Busy night for them.  Mimi and Max brought me home safe and sound on Sunday and we all enjoyed a nice brunch!

As you may know, this week has been a hot one so I've spent a lot more time indoors than normal.  Mom and pop did let me outside to try out my new pool!  I'm medium on swimming still and even though I did do a little splashing around, I would prefer to just walk around the deck. 

Dido dropped by for dinner on Monday.  We had pizza to help the poor people of Joplin.  15% of proceeds went to help the tornado victims.  But really, do you need a reason to eat pizza?

On Wednesday I was supposed to have swimming lesson #2.  When we arrived the community center was closed due to Shavuot. Shavuotwhat?  On a positive note I squeezed in an hour nap during all that driving around. But sadly, dad still hasn't seen me in the big kid pool and will be traveling all next week and has to miss my next lesson.

In this pic I think the Duncan's would agree that I look a lot like Uncle Ronnie as a baby.  Must be that look of innocence and guilt all wrapped into one.  Of course it doesn't help that mom dresses me in boy PJs...something about they were on sale cheap.

Thursday was same stuff different day.  I did pick up this new trick however.  Mom remebers Mason Roue trying something similar.

I'm really getting my walking on too!


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