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Friday, December 14, 2012

Deck the Halls

On Friday, December 7th, Mimi picked me up from school so we could have a slumber party.  We had a great time and the next day we got to go see Santa Claus again.  We also played a lot of fun games and I went home with a bag of goodies and a balloon animal!

Mom and dad were so excited to see me that night that I got ICE CREAM!  Well really it was to help celebrate dad's birthday but it was good either way. 

We headed to BobBob's early Sunday, but we didn't stick around their house long...we went on a train ride.  To see Santa AGAIN!  Twice in one weekend...I'm totally getting this black pony I keep asking for.

On Monday night, Dido met us and treated us to some pizza.  It was great...what more can you say?

These are some new jammie's Mimi got me.  Totally warm.

Here you can see I helped myself to some chocolates.  Whoever said they melt in your mouth and not in your hand was mistaken.  Below is the proof.

On Thursday night, I had a school program where I was supposed to sing.  I'm not going to post any pics because there was no action of me singing.  I guess you can call it a bit of stage fright. 

Anyhoo...here's me singing some Deck the Halls.  In the safety of my own tub.  No stage fright.  Very professionally if I might add.

Here's a couple pics of my baby bro.  Mom's half way there and 20 more weeks of cooking and he'll be here before we know it.  If you'll note, he's already as good lookin' as daddy J


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