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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Pony!?!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was a gym morning.  It feels like we haven't been there in forever (3 months is forever to a kid my age).  Mom got a couple of good shots of me mid bounce and Alivia mid foam pit jump.

Here's a few miscellaneous snapshots.  I didn't want to wear my costume on Halloween, but now I want to wear it all the time.  Makes sense.  I like ribs.  Also makes sense.  Wearing a Mizzou shirt.  Doesn't make sense?  Me doing naked baby while BobBob was visiting.  Makes total sense.  Me ignoring BobBob while he snuggles with dogs.  Makes sense (the TV is on).


On Saturday, December 1st, Santa Clause paid a visit to church so of course I had to stop by to remind him my name was on the Nice List.  You can see a slight hesitation in my smile until he promised me a candy cane and a real PONY!?!?!?!  Good thing dad told me that morning that Santa will bring me what ever I ask for.

Here's how my visit went:

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: A pony.
Santa: If you got a pony you'd have to take care of it, clean out the stall and feed it...do you want to do all that work?
Me: [Shaking my head yes] [Thoughts running through head] Are you crazy Santa?  That's what moms and dads are for.
Santa: You're an ambitious lady...blah blah bl...
Me: I like candy canes.
Santa: Oh you do good.  You been a good girl?  Or you been naughty girl?
Mom: Maddie have you been good or naughty?
Me:  Good.
Santa: Some of each, a little of both?
Me: Just once.

In case you forgot, here was my reaction last year...slightly different.

After promises of gifts, we had pancakes and visited with Avery and baby Mae

K-State was playing that night so I headed over to Avery's for a bit.   You'll notice my change of pants halfway through the night.  Had a little accident because playing was so fun.  Eh...it happens.
On Sunday 12/2 we went up to L Town to celebrate dad's birthday a week early.   I got hold of the camera early on.  Mimi pulled out her cot (instead of the usual pack n play) and my first trial at going to bed in a room on my own not locked in a pen was successful.  I went right to sleep and never tried to come out. 

After nap we had cake and modeled underwear.  All part of a typical birthday celebration at Mimi's.

Mom and dad had a work party on Wed 12/5 so BobBob came to watch me all on his own.  He was successful at feeding me, giving me a bath, and putting me to bed with no injury so I'm sure he'll get called on in the near future to provide the same services. 

When we had the slumber party at BobBob's the night of 11/21, we did some serious bed jumping.  Shhhhhh...don't tell Ta.


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