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Friday, July 29, 2011

365 Days

Today, Friday, July 29th I'm 365 days old!  Crazy I know.

It was a busy week.  At last post, I had just finished dinner with Dido.  Wednesday, July 20th was another swim lesson, Thursday was dinner with Michael and Michelle, Friday was dinner with our fun neighbors Scott and Molly, and Saturday was spent out at Gma and Gpa's.  We went to the pool then had dinner with the family. 

Saturday was pretty fun.  We went to breakfast and then hit up Trader Joes!  Mom snapped a LOT of pics this week so I'll try and be brief.

Ceiling fans, awesome.

Apricot stuffed french toast, awesome.

Trader Joe's, awesome.

Riding on dad's shoulders, awesome!
Two Maddie's, double awesome.

On Sunday afternoon we went to the splash park.  So fun.  Fountains made just my size!

Here I am frolicking at the splash park.  I think this is the only applicable situation where I would say frolick.

We had our "Sunday Get Together" at the Bell's house in the evening and I even got to see my old pal Jackson Markham from daycare!  I think he hardly recognized me I've grown so much in the last 4 months.  As you can see, there was a LOT going on and dad was right in the middle of it.
I'll skip over to Thursday, July 28th.  Mom was off all day so it started off fun, breakfast with dad.  Here I am rocking out the gangst' look (note the one pant leg up).  Then we hung out by the fountain. 

Then I played with some toys that looked awfully familiar.  Then I got weighed and came in at 18.7lbs (10th % ile) and 27.5inches tall (10th % ile) and my head measured (75th % ile).  I seem to be tracking short.  Shocking, I know.

Then I showed the doctor my nunchuck skills using her tongue depressors.

That's when all hell broke loose!  Doc sent me for lead testing (damn Chinese toys) where they had to take my blood.  Maybe she just wanted to punish me for having mad nunchuck skills.

The day was made better when Mimi showed up to take me to the pool!
A special thanks to Stan and Jo for my awesome outfit!  I got many compliments from school on how I looked like a little lady.

Sneaking in a few pics of Paige.

Here I am just being plain silly.


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