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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I don't usually crank out two posts back to back, but you know...it's a special occasion.

I'm the big 1 year today.  Finally.  Technically it's not until 10:11pm tonight, but who cares.  I was getting tired of trying to tell people how many days old I was and was running out of fingers to count on (like 356 days ago).  Mom and dad were pretty ecstatic that I decided to sleep until 8am today.  A little extra shut eye never hurts anyone.

To recap, Mimi visisted me Thursday after the dorctor and we compared boo boo's on our fingers.

Then on Friday, we had a party for my birthday, even though it was a day early.  School had a banner and mom brought in cup cakes for me and my friend Matthew to chow down on.

 Saturday mom woke me up by singing happy birthday!

In the afternoon we went to Bob and Ta's for a party...for me!  All the family was there and Avery and Uncle Dave stopped by too.  Thank you to everyone for all the goodies!  As you can see I eagerly awaited for everyone to arrive.


I think the only snafu of the party was that I was supposed to enjoy my cake.  Not so much.

A couple days before, mom warned me not to play with the dog's water bowl.

I didn't listen.

Ta, thanks for the gyro bowl.  It totally works!

Grandma Ta wanted me to share this video. These are some of the birdies I like to watch out at their house.


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