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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That's one small step for Maddie; one giant leap for mankind.

The big news seems to be coming in waves lately.  As of July 4th I can walk!  This also happened to be Aunt Jen's birthday and Independence day.  A three-fold celebration!!!  On a sad note, Dad left for London to work for the week and didn't take me with him.  At least he'll be back on Saturday.

The weekend was pretty busy.  Friday night we headed up to L-town to celebrate Grandpa Max's birthday.  We mostly stayed inside since it was so darn hot.

Each morning, mom and I got up early to head for a job then for morning coffee.  I LOVE sitting outside and watching the birdies help eat my breakfast :-)

Saturday night we headed over to Avery Davenport's house for a 4th of July BBQ.  Seriously, I thought I had a lot of toys, but this place was PHAT!  Lots of my friends were there.  I saw Mason, Amelia, and of course Avery, but Evan was MIA.  Avery even let me borrow her Lion car which mom and dad are already regretting (it roared in the car the whole way home). 

By Sunday mom was going stir crazy being at home with me all day.  I mean not enough to go Casey Anthony on me, but mom really wanted to get out of the house (okay...totally in poor form, but it is blowing up all over the news here).  We were supposed to go to the pool, but it rained on my parade.  Dad ended up taking us shopping and to the pet store, then we met up with Amelia and her family at Noodle's and Co for dinner.  Good stuff if you haven't tried it, but who doesn't like noodles?

Monday was when I took my official first steps (official being more than only 2 and toppling foward).  After dad left for the airport I headed out to Gma and Gpa Duncan's house.  BobBob took me swimming all afternoon.  I even stuck around long enough to watch Pierce shoot off some fireworks!

Sad Porter hiding under the car after hearing fireworks.

Tuesday night Dido took us out to Mexican dinner.  I really enjoyed the quesadilla, the rice and beans, and his Mustache!

Here's a pic of me wearing a dress (circa 1978) mom wore as a kid!

 Here's me walking with my Clack and Chomp.  I'll try and get some footage of me walking on my own:


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