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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fish Lips

Since dad was still out of town last Wednesday, July 6th, Gpa, Gma, and Pierce all came to help me with my swim lessons.  We did a LOT of playing around and zero of the lesson part.  I think Pierce had quite a bit of fun as well.

Here's me putting my face in the water!!

 On Friday night I did a slumber party at Gma and Gpa's as well.  BobBob took me on a tractor ride before bed which is probably why I didn't go down until 8pm!  Mom was there too, but Gma got me up and made me breakfast so mom could sleep in.  We got to eat outside and watch the birdies while I ate cinnamon rolls and bacon.  Check out the view!


Grandma even pulled me around the house in this Lego wagon.

Dad got home from London on Saturday and I was so happy!!!  He brought me back a Teddy Bear and mom got a Kate and William coffee mug!  I wouldn't let him out of my site so we even took an afternoon snooze together.

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Uncle Dave.

Then we headed back out to the Duncan's to celebrate Uncle Ronnie's birthday!  He's 1 year shy of turning 40.  You can see how much Pierce enjoyed the blue frosting.

Sunday night I graduated from my kid bath to the grownup bath.  I even got a new fishy toy to help me ease the transition.
Here I am towering over a fellow classmate who is not yet mobile and eating my beloved blueberries.
FYI...new baby Duncan isn't here yet but we're hoping to welcome her into the family tomorrow, Thursday, July 14th.  Sounds like a good date for a birth day!


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