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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tunnel Vision

As promised, here's me walking. I've gotten immensely better since July 4th.

Per the usual it's been a busy weekend.  Of course Paige was delivered on Thursday so mom and dad dropped by after work, but sadly I had to stay home.  Some stupid hospital rule about 1) me being a potential carrier of infectious diseases and 2) it possibly looking like mom and dad are trying to steal me out of the new baby ward.  Anyway, mom and dad brought back some pics and reported that Paige is as cute as ever and will definitely rival me in the looks department.  However, this being my blog I can easily report that I'm cuter.  Sorry cuz!

And just so everyone is up to date, poor little Paige had to go to back to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon (7/19) for a slight case of Jaundice, but she's doing better today and got to go home at lunch.  More pics to come.  

Mimi came to watch me while they visited Paige.  As you can see, I had to re-teach her how to read.  It's hard being so smart.

Mom sent the camera to school and they got some shots of me playing in the tunnel with my friend Matthew (he's such a looker)!

Here's me sleeping on a mat (vs the crib) to get me used to how it'll be when I move to the 1 year old room.

On Friday, we picked up and headed for the lake.  Mimi and Max joined us on Saturday.  Good thing too, because dad had to work most of the weekend.  He did take some time out to help me with my first dip in the lake though!

It was so dang hot out, that we ended up spending a lot of time indoors :-(

That Max guy is so funny!

Here's another pic of me sleeping.  I find having my hiney in the air is most comfortable.

On Tuesday night, July 19th, Dido came over and cooked us spaghetti.  And yes people, egg whisks are critical in the spaghetti cooking process.

Random pics of me at the pool.


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