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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I'm a little under the weather tonight so we're going to be short on words and heavy on pics!

Here I am prepping for Halloween.  Mom said pink pumpkins didn't exist when she was a kid.

Walmart also has horsey rides.  Look ma, no hands!

And yes BobBob, the name of the show was Bonanza!

Next stop was Jackson Markham's house on October 16th for a pre-Haloween get together.  You can see below that even dad's friend Mookie got in on the fun.  The last pic is the shambles we cause when the parents try to get us all in one picture.  Not gonna happen.
Next we visited Uncle Dave's house.  He had a nice new renovation completed on his upstairs.  I tried my best to make the place look a little more lived in.
Here I am playing around his shower and closet:

Here are a few misc pics from the week.  Trying on a new coat for the colder weather.

Dinner with Uncle D, followed by a bath, followed by him babysitting me so mom and dad could go out.
Here's me learning to use the microwave, although mom and dad already found the child lock feature.

On Friday night we hosted a homeowner's party on our deck.  The weather was perfect and Miss Tara (soon to be Mrs. Tara) dropped by!


Saturday, October 22nd I put on my Tigers uniform hoping I would be a good luck charm, but they just couldn't beat OSU.  That's the second cowboy reference in one blog? 

On Sunday I paid another visit to the gym and then headed to BobBob and Ta's. 

 I learned how to blow bubbles:

And yes, you see that right.  Pierce has green hair!!!


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