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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Purple Pride

On Monday, October 3rd, Mimi busted me out of school early (3pm) so I could go play with her.  With spent a good couple hours of quality time before mom came home.  That evening
I catnapped from 5 to 5:45pm, then from 6 to 7pm and mom knew I was coming down with something.  It turned out to be nothing serious, just a little fever that night and I was fine by morning.  Even so, she stayed home with me on Tuesday so I could get in plenty of naps, including one on the way to lunch...in the stroller.  To top off the day at home, Dido stopped by.

Mr. Mark Digman stopped by too.  He was in town for work and came to dinner with us. 
On Thursday I was only at school for a short time (long enough to enjoy a snack) because mom and dad took me on a field trip to Deanna Rose.  I love that place!

We saw chickens, fed baby goats a bottle, rang some bells, and said moo to the cows.  We even took a little time out to lounge.
Since Thursday was Grandma Ta's Birthday we dropped by to give her good wishes.  We even got to visit with Cousin Paige for a short bit.  I tried out her car seat before giving her hugs and kisses. 
Thursday night Dido, Donna, and Aiden came over and brought dinner with them.  Thanks for the yummy grub!  

I'm definitely getting better with using a spoon, but sometimes it just seems like such a waste of time...

After school on Friday, October 7th, I hit up Gymboree for the first time to try out their "open gym".  I almost had the entire place to myself.  If you haven't been, it's basically like a big indoor playground. 

Saturday's big event was the KSU vs MU game.  I sported my purple uniform the entire day.  We went over to the Bell's abode to watch the big match up.  I was a little speck of purple in a sea of black.  Luckily I picked the right color to wear because K-State kept the lead and secured a win.  Needless to say, mom was happy.

Sunday we visited BobBob and Ta again.  After a successful trip to Wal-Mart (successful meaning I walked away with a new toy), we headed to dinner at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Ta's birthday.  
Earlier in the day I decided to take Porter for a spin around the living room.   To my dismay we didn't actually get very far.

Overall, an A+ week!


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