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Monday, October 31, 2011

Chicken Little

Friday night was sleepover with BobBob and Ta so mom and dad could go to Mrs. Tara's Wedding.  We had a lovely evening of playing and I slept really well until Porter decided to wake me up around 6am.  They hijacked my camera so none of me slumbering with Gparents.  Doesn't she look lovely!

The early Saturday morning wore me out and I had to take a morning nap to make up for it.  As a result my whole day was thrown off.  My afternoon nap started at 4:30pm and I slept until 6pm before heading over to Avery's Halloween party.  She even loaned me her bee costume from last year (note - I didn't rock the look nearly as well as she did).
As you can see, all the usual suspects were there including Evan, Zach, Mason, Amelia, and baby-to-be Nass.
Avery's Aunt Darcy gave her a tickle fest that I tried to get in on until I realized Avery's bigger than me and could easily take me down.

Then we toured Avery's new bathrooms.  As you can see I got some paper on my foot.  So embarrassing!

We headed home before the party ended.  Somehow I managed to stay awake until 9pm!

Sunday morning I woke on the early side again.  Dad hung out with me for the morning before we headed to BobBob and Ta's again.  The day's agenda was lunch at Chili's where Gpa and I split Chicken Tacos and shared some chips and salsa, a trip to Target for a new toy truck, nap time, then some play in the sandbox. 
Oh yeah...and Ta pulled out mom's old tricycle.  The thing still works!?!

Here's Ta and I playing Tag.  If you listen closely you can hear my squeaker shoes:

After heading home we had dinner with Uncle Dave for which I opted out of sitting on his lap for photos.  He did teach me a new word of the day...botulism.  As you can tell from that word, I'm getting better and better every day at repeating whatever mom and dad say.  Wait until they hear me spout that one out at school.

Monday, October 31st was Halloween.  I wore my chickie costume to school but we had a subsitute teacher and she made me take it off soon after I got there.  The nerve! 


That's okay because I got to sport it around for Ta and over at Pierce's house before we went trick or treating.

By the way, since you haven't seen Cousin Paige in awhile, here's a few pics of her.  She's catching up to me in weight and height quick!  She's already wearing 6-9 mo clothes.
Here I am trick or treating:

And of course Pierce in his Halo costume.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!!!


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