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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Regular Picasso

It's Friday!!! 

Here's some more pics of a day in the life at school.  For starters, we do a LOT of art projects which I love.  It being fall, we have been doing a lot with pumpkins, apples, and leaves.

The next best thing to art is play time!

 I love my cars and trikes (hint hint gma and gpas)! 

When play time is over we walk back to class on the rope. If you look close you can see that I like to wear my ring like a bracelet.

When we do morning and afternoon snack we all sit together.  When we do lunch they give us much more room to sling our food around the table.
When the weather is nice we go on buggy/wagon rides. 
 Here's dad and I at the playground.  If you notice the cut on my chin, I face planted on the school playground on Tues.  Woe is me.

Breaking out some new footie pajamas for this cold weather.  Be honest...does my butt look big?  I swear it's the diaper.

On Thursday, Oct 27th we headed to Dido and Donna's for dinner. 

Lastly, had some pics taken.  JTodd is uber good at photoshop.  Check out the phone in the background.

Miss Tara and Mr. Chris get married tonight.  To honor the occasion, I'm having a sleep over at BobBob and Ta's.  I'm sure they can't wait to spend the whole night with me!!! 

Anyway, early congrats to the happy couple!!


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