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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat

It seems like this is all I do lately!  I guess it's a good thing I like food.  I'm starting to get pretty good at using my fork and I don't even mind if the pieces are a little too big to shove in my mouth.

On Wednesday, I was supposed to do my 15 month check up, but due to a mix up at the doctor's office I got out of that one.  I even got to go to breakfast with mom and dad before going to school late.  Triple jackpot morning!  No dr, breakfast out, school late (in case you needed help counting).

Mimi picked me up early this day since mom had to work late.  We played the "Mouth on Balloon" game.  Not familiar with it...?  It's quite fun.
Thursday, October November 3rd (how is it Nov already?!?), was a fall party at school.  Each kid brought a different snack item (I drew the straw to bring grape juice).  We all wore jeans and decorated mini pumpkins.
Then of course we ate some more.  Afternoon snack was cheese, sausage, crackers, mini muffins, and cookies. 

Thursday night guess what was on the agenda?  Eating of course.  We met Amelia and her parents for dinner.  Mom and dad thought I was ready to give sushi a try.   I'm pretty sure honeydew doesn't count just because you eat it with chopsticks? 

After giving the avacado roll a try we decided we'd had enough and needed a little play time.  Overall a great dinner!


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