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Monday, November 21, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Monday, November 14th Mimi came down to spend the day with me.  We went to a Gymboree class where I marveled her with my ability to be disinterested in any organized activity.  These pics below were actually taken when Mom and I went to class, but you get the gist.

What is this girl doing trying to weasel into my shot?

My stocking hat also doubles as a beret.  Here I am channeling a very frenchie look. 

Thursday, November 17th was BobBob's birthday.  We took the day off on Friday and headed over to spend time with him and cook him dinner.  Mom's faux pas (how do you pluralize that?) were forgetting to take pics and forgetting the cake at the store.  Oops!  Happy Birthday BobBob.

Friday night we put up the tree.  We is a loose term considering I was in bed already.  Dad was set to use some WD40 to make sure he could get the tree apart, but I guess in a jam, Pam will do.
Mom's favorite part of putting up the tree?  Harassing the cats of course!

On Saturday we headed to breakfast with Uncle Dave.  The stackers game concept is still a bit of a challenge for me.  As you can see here I try to stack them in my mouth occasionally.

Saturday evening I headed up to Mimi and Max's house.  It was sleepover night!  I had a really great time and didn't miss mom and dad once.  It helped that Mimi gave me cookies and candy and soda and ice cream, but shhhh...don't tell.  Thanks for a fun night Mimi!!!

Sunday morning I headed to the gym where I got to play with Mrs. Michele and Mrs. Amber's kids.  Even dad and BobBob joined in on the play date and afterwards we celebrated BobBob's birthday the right way....with cake!!!

Do I have food on my face again?

After my nap, I cuddled with gramps and Mr. Koala.  His lap is nice and cozy. 
Nothing ends the day like a trip to Walmart and dinner out.


By the way, grandpa thinks I should be an astronaut judging by my affinity for packaged food you can drink through a straw.



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