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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fond Farewell

First off, is it cute or silly that dad wants to dress like me?  I vote cute, but just want to make sure I'm not the only one.

As I told you last time, I really like to eat.  Spaghetti is really a tough one for me though.  Now dipping carrots, I've got that down pat.

For some reason mom loves to see me run around neked at bath time.  She doesn't think it's funny when I pee on the floor though.  Ha ha, jokes on her! 
On Saturday, November 5th we went out to see BobBob and Ta and I got some Christmas presents early since Ta won't be here on Jesus' actual birthday. 
After exchanging gifts we decorated a tree just my size.  I "helped" BobBob quite a bit.

Afterwards I "helped" BobBob rake leaves.  Geez...he can't do anything on his own.

Saturday evening we met Avery out to watch the KSU game.  Her whole family was there to root on the cats!  I shared my crayons and she shared her Nutter Butters.  I think I got the better deal.

 It happened to be Avery's moms birthday as well so I got me some cake out of the deal.  The cats lost, but overall I won.

On Sunday I saw my other Grandma, Mimi.  We had some yummy lunch.  Although I hate to say it Mimi, your aim isn't always the best.  The food is supposed to go inside my mouth.

Sunday afternoon was my friend Ava's birthday and she had a swim party!  All the cool kids like Emmy, Luke, Reese were there. 

Boy did swimming wear me out!!

Monday was Dido's birthday so we met him and Donna out for mexican food.  I don't think I've had this much cake in a week ever.
Happy 35th birthday grandpa!!!

Wednesday I went to the doctor.  I got 3 shots including a Tetanus and a Flu shot and handled it like a champ.  I also got my measurements.  I'm up to 19lbs and 1oz (10oz in 3 months isn't impressive) and almost 30 inches tall.  That puts me in 10th percentile for weight and 20th for height

Flashback to Tuesday.  In the morning we visited Ta one last time.  More gifts were had (I'm going to make a point to go see them more often).  And Ta showed me how I should style my hair.
Bye Ta, I'll miss you and am counting down the days until we see you in Thailand! 


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