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Monday, November 14, 2011

Icing on the Cake

Last Thursday, BobBob, Mom, Dad, and I headed to the symphony instrument petting zoo.  Avery was there and we both very much liked the Triangle.  I was a natural percussionist and she had a nack for the flute, taking after her mother no doubt.
Then we dined at Nordstrom cafe, but first stopped to check out these shoes.  Yes people, these are real shoes for sale for > $100.  Ridiculous!

Mom even packed me a fruit/veggie pouch.  Why can't I eat everything hands free? 
Friday I had to get some bloodwork done.  Mom took me in after work and it was all fun and games until I got stuck with the needle.  They had to get 2 big vials, so they did it IV style instead of the finger prick.  It took at least a full minute and I cried the entire time.  After an eternity, Mom said I was all done and I repeated "all done" at least 100 times while doing the little cry where you're trying to catch your breath.  But the tears stopped as soon as those two lovely words came out of her mouth.
To make up for the trauma, Saturday was a day of fun.  It started off with me making pancakes.  You can see mom had a hard time keeping it in the bowl.  Amateur.
After breakfast we hit up Home Depot so I could pick out paint for Dido's new pad.  I like that one.
Next stop costco.  What's wrong with this picture?  Well I'll tell you...somehow I didn't walk out of there with any new toys? 
On to the Gap to play hide and seek.  I don't know how, but mom found me on the first try.
Last destination before heading home to lunch was my first Gymboree class.  I helped roll a log and play with some toys. 
From the pics above, it appears that I was an engaging participant the entire 45 minutes, but this was really the exception.  Here's what I did at Gymboree the majority of class time:

Whew what a long morning.  I took a great nap, then it was time to head to My-Gym for Reese's birthday party.  Seems like everyone is celebrating birthdays this month.
 Might be hard to tell, but here I am with Jackson and Emmerson.

There was even signing and dancing.  I love action songs!

Sunday was spent with BobBob.  He let me ride the horsey swing, sweep some leaves, and talked mom into letting me drive the car down the driveway.   We even did a late lunch with Dard.
Here's me and mom comparing pedicures.  Personally I like my color better.

I know some of you have been walking backwards for years, but it's a new trick for me:


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