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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad to the Bone

On Saturday, July 14th, I rocked my Farrah Fawcett look for my day at BobBob and Ta's.  The likeness is uncanny in my opinion. 

Miss Katrina, Avery, and her Gma Cheryl popped by to hang out for a bit.  We had some sprinkler time in between bites of pizza lunch. 

In the afternoon we headed over to Cousin Pierce's for some pool time and then to celebrate Cousin Paige's birthday. 

I somehow cut in on opening Paige's gifts, but she didn't seem to mind the help.  Check out Pierce's new haircut in the background.  They had a mini 2 person bounce house and everything!!!

Paige did a good job with her first cake.  You can see the trepedition in her eyes at first and then she just dives on in.

Of course I got a bit of cake too when all was said and done.  Happy first birthday Paige!

On Sunday, we headed to breakfast with Mimi and Max and then on to the art gallery.  Dad does a great job with my hair and always makes sure it's nice and tidy before I leave the house.  You've seen what I look like when I wake up in the morning...it's not pretty.

After the museum we spent a lot of time on the deck playing with water.  Being as warm as it was, I obviously requested "naked baby" time.  Note strategically placed basketball and water table. 

At some point I figured out I could fit in the bucket on the deck that Porter and Sammy use as their water bowl.  My coy smile is my inside joke that they most likely don't want to drink the water after my bath. 

That night, Uncle Dave dropped by to read me stories.  What a great bed time surprise! 

The rest of the week pretty much flew by.  I spent some time at Gymboree, enjoyed some ice cream, ate a ton of peaches, and tried to talk mom and dad into purchasing a new chair.

As I've gotten older, my tastes have changed.  It's 70's hip one day, 90's punk the next. 


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