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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independent Me

Mom got the chance to meet the newest addition to the Weber family (Mr. Case Dee) on June 27th so dad and I hit up the church picnic.  There was even a petting zoo!  

As you can see, the pig was pretty impressive, but mister billy goat had to be my favorite:

Dido came over for dinner the next day and sported some awesome shades.  After dinner, we started my sea monkey aquarium.  I'll include updates as they grow.  If they grow.

Over the weekend we hit up the neighborhood pool and the next day headed out to BobBob/Ta's for some fresh peaches and pears right off the tree.  They were heavenly!

After picking more than my weight in fruit I went swimming at cousin Pierce's pool.

I aimed my sights for squirting BobBob, but he quickly turned the tables on me.  I should have known he was a good aim.

Sunday, July 1st was Gpa Max's birthday.  We went up to L Town and to bear the heat we did some time at the sprayground.  Top notch as Max would say.  We enjoyed a nice meal, sang happy birthday, and then I savored my own piece of cake and ice cream.

School has kept me busy lately. We had a juggler and a bike parade!

I cautiously drove my my borrowed car around the parking lot.  It looked just like dad's car.  There were some near misses, but I feel I proved to mom and dad that I'm ready for the real thing.

Update on sea monkeys:  The hatched and it's feeding time.  There are actually a couple guys swimming around, but too small for a photograph.

Jayson and Jen from church came over to head to a play with mom and dad.  I was nice enough to let Jen dry my hair.  Basically I was too scared to say no.

Wednesday, July 4th was Independence Day.  I spent some time at the pool before heading to Avery's for a party.  When it's 100+ degrees out for 2 weeks straight, there's not much you can do outdoors besides sit in the water.

Avery's party was pretty successful.  I give it that rating because of the quality of food, the abundance of toys, and the number of minutes past my bedtime I was able to stay awake.  I was also very impressed that Avery is already spelling her name.


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