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Friday, July 27, 2012

Before and After

On Saturday, July 21st I headed up to Mimi and Max's house for a couple of nights of slumber party.  Mom and dad headed to Dallas to visit some friends so I was stuck with lots hugs, kisses, and ice cream...or so I thought.

Saturday afternoon was pretty fun.  We played in Mimi's pool and then enjoyed some dinner and cuddles before bed.

On Sunday, the day started out normal and quickly went south.  I had a touch of the stomach flu and vomited multiple times (not pictured).  A couple times on Mimi even, but she didn't seem to mind.  And Gpa Max was sweet enough to run and get me some pedialite...my saviour! The rest of the trip "flu" by and mom and dad were home before I knew it. 

Monday after my nap I headed out to see BobBob and Ta.  I couldn't make them go 2 whole weeks without seeing my precious face.  Good thing too cause BobBob had some number crunching for me to do.  We also went to see Dard who has moved to a nursing facility right down from their house and seems to be doing quite well.

A couple other fun things that happened during the week...making cornbread with mom, painting, Miss Donna stopping by with an early birthday present for me, a firetruck coming to school to soak down the playground, and dinner with Dido.

It was such a great week, that I didn't even mind when Mr. Bear asked to share my seat and then proceeded to eat half my yogurt.

For the past couple weeks, mom has been working on my birthday present.  Here's a sneak peak:

Before and After:

And here's some In Betweens:


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